A whole horse approach to heatlh...


Dr. Tillotson started her training in veterinary acupuncture at Colorado State University and passed the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) certification exam in 2000.  Most recently, Dr. Tillotson completed a rigorous course in veterinary spinal manipulative therapy in Wisconsin at the Healing Oasis School.  She has a greatly renewed interest in the benefit of alternative therapies for the improvement of overall health as well as musculoskeletal issues in all horses whether they be an elite athlete or your best friend used for pleasure and enjoyment. 

Dr. Tillotson's approach combines acupuncture with chiropractic modalities to maximize health as well as treat areas of discomfort and pain. 


"As a veterinarian, I feel it is my job to help horses live their lives to the fullest.  For years I have trained and treated horses when they are “Broken” and often the problem is not fixable.  I can do so much more for your horse by seeing them on an annual basis and detecting small issues.  The goal is that by correcting the small issues, the occurrence of injury or loss of function, is avoided.  I am by no means abandoning any conventional modalities but instead combining them with alternative modalities to improve the overall health of my patients." 

-Dr. KT