Using digital technology to provide state of the art care...

Digital Radiography


Digital radiography is performed with state of the art direct capture wireless technology which means the images can be evaluated immediately without the need to process any films.  We have recently upgraded our equipment and software to offer Metron Digital Imaging technology.  

Digital Coggins



Keeping with the trend, our yearly Coggins tests have now moved into the digital era. Photos of your horse are taken at the time of blood draw, and are used on the official document. No more mistaking horses!  

Once we get the results back from the lab, a copy of the horses' Coggins results is emailed to you and can be saved in your electronic files, letting you print and reprint as many times as you like!



Digital ultrasonography has many uses within equine medicine.  Reproductive purposes, musculoskeletal injury evaluation, as well as imaging the lungs, abdomen, eyes, and heart to name a few.  

Upper Respiratory and Gastroendoscopy


We are one of the few mobile equine practices in the area that boast an upper respiratory as well as gastroscope.   

Our gastroscope is instrumental in diagnosing the presence of gastric ulcers. Some of the symptoms of ulcers include:

  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • unexplained irritability
  • loss of stamina and energy
  • resistance to saddling


 While there are a variety of proven treatments, it is imperative to know the severity of the ulcers to devise an effective plan for your horse.  A gastroscopy gives us this information and is crucial for treatment. 


Our upper respiratory scope is used to diagnose a variety of airway problems.

One of these conditions is "Roaring" or laryngial hemiplaysia. This occurs when part of the larynx is compromised and the horse has trouble breathing, especially during exercise.  

Nasal discharge is also a common symptom of a variety of upper respiratory diseases.  A scope will evaluate where the discharge is coming from and help lead to a definitive diagnosis.