Secondary Care


The hospital at Tillotson Equine provides a great facility for those horses that are in need of more intensive therapy, but do not require the specialty of a referral institution.

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​​Alternative Medicine


Dr. Tillotson is certified in Equine Acupuncture and Chiropractic.  These alternative therapies benefit horses of all ages and disciplines.

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“No Hoof, No Horse” Having routine podiatry exams, complete with radiographs of the hoof, are essential to preventing lameness and monitoring good hoof health

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​Digital Services


Digital Radiographs, Digital Coggins and Video Endoscopy take us to the next level in equine diagnostics.  Make an appointment and take advantage of our state of the art digital services

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​Laminitis Rehabilitation


This potentially fatal hoof disease requires intensive management and therapy by a team dedicated to the care of your horses feet. Working in conjunction with Equine Podiatry and Rehabilitation, Tillotson Equine is able to provide that intensive therapy a laminitic horse requires


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Routine dental exams are essential to the health of your equine companion.  Using advanced tools and the Power Float method, we are able to maintain your horses oral health

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Equine Companion Management


Providing the best possible care for your horse in all aspect of it's life can be simple! Learn about innovative new ways to improve your horses health as well as happiness

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Nutrition Consultation


Managing your horses weight and dietary needs can be tricky as every horse is different.  Implementing a good nutrition plan is the first place to start


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