Pleased to offer hospitalization & secondary care services!


The hospital here at Tillotson Equine offers a unique atmosphere that is more intimate than a larger referral center, yet enables us to provide veterinary services to those patients that require just a little bit more.  


We are equipped with an on site pharmacy, lab, various diagnostic equipment and have the ability to observe patients 24 hours a day through video monitoring by our onsite staff.  We understand that being in the hospital is stressful for the horse as well as the owner! Dr. Tillotson, along with our technicians and staff, work to make your horses stay at our facility as comfortable as possible. 


What sets us apart...

In addition to hospitalization, Tillotson Equine is also available for post surgical, post injury, foaling and rehabilitation referrals. 

Our facility is made up of 5 stalls, each with an adjoining river stone paddock. The stalls are lined with shock absorbing rubber mats and bedded with dust-free bedding.

​Our largest stall is 12 x 20 with it's own smaller private paddock perfect for mare and foal, or a patient requiring limited turnout.  


Tillotson Equine has 3 resident miniature horses that work for a living to provide comfort and companionship to those patients that need a little extra attention.​ Hermione, Sassy and Heidi are happy to help!