Watch your mouth!


Oral examinations are performed under sedation with a full mouth speculum in order to examine the entire oral cavity safely and thoroughly.  Not every horse needs to have his or her teeth floated every year; however, a yearly oral exam is recommended for early detection of common dental problems. This is especially true for our older horses who may develop unusual wear patterns or loose teeth associated with their age.



Dental prophylaxis (floating) is conducted with our battery operated Terrafloat also under sedation.  Dr Tillotson has chosen this form over hand floating for a number of reasons.  

  • First, when using the Terrafloat, the small guarded grinding wheel allows easy access to all parts of the mouth.
  • When compared to traditional methods, the dental arcades can be balanced with precision using the Terrafloat.
  • The results of grinding can be evaluated during the procedure.

Head tossing, unwillingness to take the bit, dropping feed, and weight loss may all be indications that your horse is in need of a dental exam. 


Give our office a call and we would be happy to schedule an exam for you!