You are what you eat!


There are so many different types of food on the market that picking out the one that fits your horses needs the best can be EXHAUSTING!

Is your horse receiving its daily nutritional requirements of vitamins and minerals?


If you are feeding a "complete" or "performance" feed, you may be not be meeting your horses daily requirements based on the amount of food you are feeding.  


Horses that tend to be overweight are often not being fed in a way that enables them to get their vitamin and mineral requirement without  compromising the goal of maintaining a healthy weight.


Let us help you come up with a plan for your horses diet!  Dr. Tillotson is passionate about nutrition and takes into account all the factors that affect your horses nutritional needs to come up with a comprehensive plan that best fits your individual animal.  We are utilizing a new progarm called FEED XL to take into account all of the details associated with designing a specific diet for your horse, including supplements, hay and grass forage.